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Engine Oil - 1.4L TurboEngine. We recommend you use SAE 5W-40 API Certified Synthetic Engine Oil, meeting the. requirements of FCA US Material Standard MS-12991 such as MOPAR, Pennzoil, and. Shell Helix. Refer to your engine oil filler cap for correct SAE grade. Engine Oil - 2.4L Engine. We recommend you use SAE 0W-20 API Certified Engine.. Royal Purple. $56 AT AMAZON. Royal Purple's API-licensed motor oil delivers superior protection and can improve performance in gasoline and diesel engines. Great for Harleys and Jeeps. Lucas Oil. Pennzoil Platinum Euro SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic motor oil is made from natural gas, not crude. It is made with our PurePlus Technology is a full synthetic motor oil that is formulated for most Mercedes-Benz, VW, Porsche & Audi Vehicles*.
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